Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Last Vray...

Wellington Street, St Kilda

The final rendering delivered with Vray. I like the composition on this shot. This is the last of my Vray works for now, I may come back in the near future depending on how things go for us with Corona. Render times are still a bit long and still missing a few important features like light selects, however I think its pretty good for daily use. Post work produced by Stuart Wilson from UA Creative. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Corona Facade

This image is a set of 4, the only one of which was done in Corona for comparison (Facade 4). The lighting is a bit earlier in the evening compared to the others but we wanted to create a different feel for the more contemporary house. This is my first production render with Corona for an external. The materials were created fresh for the scene, all the vegetation was done with ForestPro and Growfx. Ill be learning more of GrowFX as the seeding allows you to create completely unique trees each time. I wanted to add a foreground tree but for the clients purpose we wanted to show the projection to the left side. Stuart Wilson worked on the Post Production for this.

Facade 4 - Corona

Facade 3 - Vray

Facade 2 - Vray

Facade 1 - Vray

Simple Vray Walkthrough Animation

A short tutorial on speeding up the Vray Walkthrough Animation process. A big thanks to Zac Arato - he informed me on how to do this process and has saved me lots of time and human error.

Simple Vray Walkthrough Animation